Happiness is a choice.

// photographed by Oliver .S / edited by DiamondHurts //

Thank you 2012 for giving me the best time in my life.
The time where i finally decided to be with him, forever...
Thanks for having my Father healthy again...
Thanks for all the amazing and the worst experiences...

love and kisses,



One of my coming soon project with my elder sister :)


A Little Life.

Whenever i feel grateful of me being alive, there's always flower sparks in my heart. Like i wanna share it to everything surrounds me. I mostly pick black for every animal creature living with me, though i'm a big fan of rainbow pantone for other stuff. Long time a go i owned a black cat called Monroe, she dead because she was too early to giving birth. Now i have Bill my black pug and also this lovely creature Meti the fish. Monroe, Bill and Meti caught my eyes, love at the first sight, they're just beautifully different from others, so i picked them and take care of them, with love...

This picture was taken last week, on the way to Bandung with my one and only husband, Imunk. It was around 5pm, and the sun is about to go home that time... Before the sun goes down, it shares a lots of love to us... This picture i called 'Love'.

Wondering who live there? It's a huge beautiful thing i captured on high way. If i live there, i can see the sunrise and both sunset in a very maximum level of delights.

Why do i feel so warm whenever it's rain. I feel so much love and there's always coffee in my mind. The dark sky isn't something terrifying, i always find it peculiar, and i can't stop my eyes watch it through the camera lens. I keep on capturing the dark sky, and sometimes cute monsters came out through the blurry clouds... Who's the first person reminds me to get my mobile phone camera on? My husband :), he said "Look at the sky, it's so cooolllllll...." :D




Most of the time i've spent is with my mobile phone near me. I love taking picture of everything, and the fastest thing i can always grab nearby me is my mobile phone. The problem about my mobile phone is the battery that is always drop dead mostly when the moment i see is meant to be captured. But..., i still have many picture i'd love to share, and here they are...

01.) Flower from the fresh market. Carnation Pink and Peacock.
02.) Bill in the morning.
03.) The gold paint is actually made for one of my client's invitation, we decided to have some paint splatters but in the end they didn't decide so i won't waste the gold paint and i use it for my door :)
04.) Love at the first sight! April cup :)
05.) New poster on the red wall.
06.) Sexy Sassy. My new fish got a very cute transparent body, love it!
07.) View from the balcony at 5.30pm.
08.) Faye and the orange bouganville.
09.) Pack of berries.
10.) Rainy day..., thru the hospital's window.


Hi Everyone :)
Yesterday was a blast :D, having a lil bazaar at Ninotchka owned by Sonia Eryka.
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Hellooooo Pals :)
I'm so excited preparing my stuff for Autumn Wipe Out, together with my friends Anaz, Clara, Olin, Sabila and Sonia, we will be your dream Santa ho ho hoooo.... I have few pieces left from ONLYi old collection Talking Fiction, believe it or not everything will at very special price, all old stocks must go out from my storage, so i'm going to bring them to AUTUMN WIPE OUT at Ninotchka, and here is the map :). The venue is a bit far, but trust me it's worth to find :D. How about all items only Rp 99.000,- ?? Hehehhe..., Jiya, Sula, Enid, Dagmar, Hesper, Syeira, Orane, Elidi, Inga, Falda, Avalon, Calliodora, Lilith and Marmara, they'll be waiting for you girls :), make your shopping list now :) and you can check out the products here...

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See you all this Saturday :)



ONLYi at Fimela Fest :')

Pictures from Fimela Fest last month :)
She, Abigail, is Oi Girl this season, lovely girl!
Abigail is wearing ONLYi's upcoming accessories, elastic body harness.
Available next month on-line and at Voila, Manekineko, Loubelle and Widely Project.
Abigail is also wearing LOU Necklace from last season Talking Fiction.



Hospital Night Talk.


Hello... :) it's been a longggg time..., i know...
I'm at the hospital right now, beside me is my one and only father sleeping.
He just got out from the ICU today, and suddenly my mood is strongly back and so happy like a fall in love 15 years old girl hahahahha...

Anyways..., since i get married, i haven't got time to (really) enjoy my days. I've already accept few jobs, i thought it will be easy..., for 1 job it's easy but for 5 jobs in a month, i forgot to count the 'boring moment' doing the jobs. I sometime don't wanna see my laptop whole day, it's just exhausting...

Last thing i remember was having jogging routines with Imunk 5 times a week every morning. It goes well for a month, and suddenly in the middle of my lovely routines, one project came up and suck all of my time -_-

When my Papa is sick, i really wanna throw up in the middle of my business, i couldn't think. My heart was at the hospital. I promise, after this one project, i'll stop taking jobs and just concentrate to my father and to ONLYi.

Now, i finally launched my newest collection for ONLYi, which was stuck for 2 months because of these and that. I can write for my blog right now on a sofa bed beside my father. I haven't got any interesting picture on my laptop, but there are 4 memory card on my camera bag, haven't got time to copy them to my laptop, maybe tomorrow :)

My last job was quiet crazy, having friends i really trust to be the main part of a big job is sometimes just totally wrong. I was working with a really really super great friend of me and Imunk, but too bad we asked his wife instead.

This human i called 'his wife' is just not type of person we thought, there aren't a perfect sentences or word to express this type of human, she's just totally messed up, unbelievably dumb and too old to argue with. Sorry to say, but as far as i can remember she's just the most idiot person i've met in last 5 years of my working life. She really need a psychiatrist. I suppose to know that she's weird since the last time she said she's gonna bang her husband's head up to the mirror just because her husband left their laptop at the restaurant, wtf. I'm so glad i smacked her face with a bottle, to wake her up from her "la la land" mind and thoughts. My client was shocked, we were like talking to the wall, a bottle is not enough to wake her up or even to make her confess for her hugeeee mistakes. I suppose to pick a glass bottle not a plastic one. But geezzzz, i'm glad i threw a bottle on her face. And i think, they get married because she put a spell on my friend (her husband)... oh Lord please save my friend...

Well well..., another story is about Bill my super cute dog. Have i ever told you that he was for in April 21st? On Kartini's birthday :), i supposed to take the female too hiks hiks... Bill is now almost 8 months old. He got problem with his skin. This shit called Demodex, i hate it so much, it makes Bill suffer :'(. It doesn't came because Bill is dirty or anything, i clean him up min twice a day, took him shower twice a week. It came out from inside, when Bill is in bad condition or stress. Day by day Bill is getting better, me and Imunk is doing the medical treatment for him carefully.

Bill is now getting big and bigger, and i realized that he really love me and Imunk. He's a smart dog yet very spoiled. He's funny and love to take a bath. He really love meat jerky. And i know Bill is a right dog for me and Imunk, so glad to have him as part of the family.

I can sit from 8am to 8pm doing design works, Bill sometime come to me and ask me to play with him for 15mins. I think he doesn't like me working to long with laptop. Bill taught me how to adjust my patient :)... a lot. Thanks Bill :*, Momma loves you...


Papa snores :_D...
I need to be awake till another 1 hour, to get the night medicine for my father.
I actually really want to share my works from last 5 months, but i need to resize them first.
I promise i will post some of my work tomorrow :)

See you soon :)



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