treat from Cons.

constance's last day in Indonesia.
tomorrow she'll go back to KL.
me, imunk and her went to Dimsum Festival @ Kemang for dinner.
after that we went to cinema but didn't get any ticket, the seats were full!




dress - Nit Not Blue
tank top - Zara
shawl - Mekah gift from Mom
tote - lesportsac
shoes - Only i


this is what cherry want.

coming soon
'cherry' by "ONLY I"



wardrobe: Only i
photographer: Didit Zulu

happy birthday sweetheart.

June 20th..., HAPPY BIRTHDAY sayang :)




meet up my best pal, Constance.

yesterday i went to my ex-office :), G1
i met my best friend Cons, she just arrived from KL few days ago
it's been quiet long since the last time i saw her, it was before she gave birth
to her first only daughter 'Lear'...
on my old post, i used to add Cons name on some stuff she gave me,
i posted her cute daughter pics too, and tag it with "KYOOT" word :)


my precious... :)



hemodialisis: a charity for BRUTZ!

please support this event...
this event is a charity event for BRUTZ vocalist of "Seems Like Yesterday"...
he got a very serious ill...
this is the first time i post something that not related to what i've done...
but i like this band Seems Like Yesterday...
and the bassist 'Dresthi' is my friend :)

come to this event, buy the t-shirt!!
support our local band and support BRUTZ!
all the best wishes from me for you brutz, get well soon :)


add them on FB and Myspace




tears in my heart.

yesterday, suddenly....


whatever it takes, i'll always be by your side...
let's fight the world together...
love..., that's all what we need...


ONLY I, Soon... July 1st!

i know it's always late to launch ONLY I...
sorry guys :_(
renewing things need more attention than i thought before...
but i'm so excited for this photo session, this week must be so busy...
and i also need to write the history of each ONLY I stuff,
such as...
the dress i've made was from combining two vintage shirt,
the skirt i've made was a t-shirt,
old vintage mid dress i found became a sweet mini dress with details,
and i also created new dresses made from a very limited vintage fabrics
i found different kind of fabrics, each of it only 1 to 3 meters left, and i love it!
studded stuff on classic dresses,
and many more :)
please tell your friends about this :)
"ONLY I" urban renewal vintage...
because Only You will own this beautiful stuff
and No One Else will get what u've got from "ONLY I"


love love....

behind the scene.

well, finally i have to do everything by myself.
well yesterday "Only i" photo session part 2
and will continue today and hopefully sunday is the final photo session :)






wish me luck with today photo session :)


stalker stalker!

ohhh, this is actually a story from 3 or 4 months ago..
my lil sista told me that someone is using many pictures of mine on friendster
i borrowed my lil sista account to check it, and... wowwwww...
it's a girl called "RAHMA NITA" using all of my pictures,
and mostly the pics where my face is not so clear...
she change my face into her face, oh my God...
she cut her hair exactly looks like mine...
she stole my words too, something like "only i", " i love only i",
and also many titles i've made for my blog posting like "smart and strong",
"how much i fight the loneliness", etc, etc..

and guess what she was my class mate when i was in high school,
and she's on my FB friendlist, i still remember i ignored her about
3 or 4 times before i finally approved her friend request,
because she message me and she said she was a friend of mine and she asked me
to approve her friend request...
i also asked some of my friends before i approved her friend request to me,
but most of them don't even remember who she is...
i actually just wanna keep my FB for my friends, but i'm actually so open
to strangers who REALLY wanna be my friends, not just look around
my profile and never say hi to me at all...

well well, after i check her friendster profile, album, etc,
i directly message her FB and i only asked "can u explain me about this?"
and i send her a picture of her friendster profile that i grabbed...
my sister, my bf, my best friends who knew about this asked me to send
the picture to her FB wall, but i think it will embarrassed her,
so i prefer just give her that simple question "can u explain me about this?"
i'd love to help her create her own style if she really need my help,
all i want is just "sorry", because she stole all of my property...,
and she's my friend, she was my class mate also,
and she's on my FB friendlist tho... :_( arghhh...

well time goes by, and yesterday i suddenly remember about this case,
this case happened about 3 or 4 months ago...
she never reply my message, i look for her, and guess what!! she deleted me!
i was so mad because when i saw her mutual friend with me, there are 37 people
and most of them are not her friends of course, most of them are my friends
that she added randomly, omg!
i message her and tell her i'm so mad...
she also deleted people that she knew they're close to me...
my sisters and my best friends..., i think she did this after she read my
message to her 3 months ago..., she doesn't want me, my sisters, and my friends
to check out her pathetic fake pictures...,
she's so dumb, she should think about this when she stole my property,
or i suggest her not to add me and people that related to me, so i will
never find out what she did, and she can enjoy my pics as hers :D

well well well..., i was thinking about some punishment she deserve...
i've decided to share this story to all her 37 mutual friend with me,
plus some people she deleted...
they deserve to know about this, i must warn my friends
because this stalker is on they FB friendlist..
and many of them are not her friends, she just added randomly thru my friendlist..

i actually don't want this, but this things scared me out,
this kind of things happened to me before about 5 times,
stealing my pictures and using it for miserable things...
but i didn't know who they are...
this "RAHMA NITA" case, she was a friend of mine, OMG!

thanks for all my friends, reallll friendssss....
for reading my very very super long story on FB
your inbox must be so busy yesterday :)
and also thanks for replied the thread :D
please just keep my story, and not to share it with other people that not related
to "rahma nita", all 37 mutual friends of rahma nita and mine is enuf...

dear rahma nita...,
4 months is enuf to me waiting for your explaination...
u deserve this, and u should thank me for not putting your FB link on my blog...
this cyber world is so bad if u treat it badly..., be careful cupcake :)
i guess, u knew me well, u also loves my friends...
but to be like me is not by stealing pictures and doing dumb things...
if u inspired by something that doesn't mean u have to be exactly like that person...
be yourself and take your most inspirational things as your guide...
i'm using my brain, my thoughts, my imaginations to create all this stuff...
be creative, take all those beautiful stuff around u by using your POSITIVE mind!
i hope this shit will never come to your life, it feels sucks u know...
especially when u knew the stalker is your own friend....
and last..., u should learn more about editing, u can get a photoshop
free tutorials on the internet, so u can paste my body nicely with your face...

this link may help you:


and i suddenly remember this quotes...
"your biggest enemy is your friend"


old skirt.

went to lunch @Bellagio today
and suddenly remember my old pinkish dyed skirt :)
the skirt was actually a very dark blue jeans mid skirt
but i cut it off and dye it with pink fabric & plastic dyer...

i was actually dying "Only i" belt buckles and i just don't wanna throw away
the pink liquid away after dying all the buckles, so i took this skirt
cut it, bleached and dye it :)
well..., not bad :)


long vest - Mphosis
white tank - Zara
DIY jeans skirt - was DKNY mid skirt
sunglasses - Mango
bag - Only i
wedges - Melissa



dinner with boys.

had a dinner with Farrel & Fabian, imunk's nephew...
we had shabu shabu for dinner and playing around with 2 sunglasses in my bag.

everytime i play with this 2 adorable kids, i always have to clean up my digicam lens
and this time my sunglasses as dirty as the dining table after the double F cook the shabu shabu.
such a chaos dinner but FUN FUN FUN because they're so cute and smart!

snap snap!









Walk The World
End Hunger
SundayJune 7th, 2009
Plaza Barat Senayan


Big Annual Charity event to End Hunger in Indonesia
This is  WFP (World Food Program) annual event
is supported by United Nation

this is the 3rd year since the first one on 2007
i couldn't do the design for this event this time
but they still use the banner from last year, even though the date still last year date.., and i took a picture of it :)


such a HOTTTT day that day...
and this year concept was a day with bublessss, match!
i feel like wanted to add a little bit of rain and snow to freshen up my day
that day was just too sunny to be true


headbands - Only i
shirt - Only i
white tees - Kate Moss Topshop
shoes - Converse
zipper legging - Only i
tote - LeSportSac
sunglasses 1 - Mango
sunglasses 2 - Only i

bye grandma.

some pics before me n imunk went back to Jakarta.
we had lunch at Sheraton's Restaurant with imunk's grandma.
she's always crying every time she meet her grandson imunk :)


well, i'm wearing blue shoulder pads dress
but i couldn't take a full body pic of myself,
i was too busy taking pictures of imunk's family :)

shoulder pads blue dress - Only i
vintage brooch - Only i
sunglasses - Mango

one thing i always do everytime i go to Bandung is
taking many pictures of beautiful scenery along the high way



the boutiques.

last week went to watch 'drag me to hell'
what an interesting movie :)

i wore stuff from my sister's old boutique.


knit top - Srengenge
mid skirt - Sakura Drop Shop
silver cardigans - Mango
boots - Only i
gold hobo bag - X.s.m.l
vintage belt - Only i

the knit purple top is from "Srengenge" my 1st elder sister Luqi's old boutique,
as i remember Srengenge means Sun, i was only 13 or 14 years old when
she created the boutique...
now my sister Luqi moved and stay in NY, and she created her own fashion line
called "RADEN RORO"
you guys have to check her boutique website ok!

the midi skirt is from "SAKURA DROP SHOP" my 2nd elder sister Tammy's old boutique,
she and 2 of her friend created this boutique...
she also made her own bags design... :)
but now, she's busy taking care of my only beautiful niece 'Faye'.. :)

well..., i'm the third :), soon going to launch "Only i" :)
again..., wish me luck guys :)


bandung and bandung.

having a very elastic body always bring me a lot of problems.
i know i love eating and sleeping tooooo much.
i promised myself not to do 3month diet/year every year anymore,
last january i vowed myself to maintain a healthy and better life this year...
i did everything that i vowed, i quit smoking, i do jogging, i smile a lot, i set my mind into positive thinker (eventho sometimes i couldn't handle it hehe.. :P), and i eat small portion of rice, buttttttttttt i never let myself away from all those choco bars, snacks, potato cheese etc etc... hohoho...
now i think 'the fat' already stick on my cheek, my tummy, and my arms, ohhh noooo..

well, well, well, i went to Bandung last 2 Saturday, with imunk, imunk's sister Wanda, Kirk, and also with 2 angels G and S.
a day before my laptop broke, oh so sad...
nothing special in Bandung, just for fun, and meet up imunk's Grandma.. :)
and we go back to Jakarta on Sunday afternoon...
this is what i wore, i found this purple playsuit at Flea Market, i did a little renewal and here we go..., it's nice and i can simply match the color with other purplish things :)


playsuit - flea market
shoes - Only i (by kelom keng geulis)
bag - no brand
bangles - Only i