sore sore.


( vest - ONLYi / top - SIKSAKUBUR merchandise / short - zara / dragon kelom - Geulis /
bag - ciciero / necklace - from my sister )

Hippie Birthday Love.









Hippie Birthday Love.
You are the red, yellow, blue, green, purple, grey, magenta,
black, orange, brown, white, you are the color of my life.
I love you and i need you.

how to get to be happiness.


The meaning of being alive.

Living in this wild magnificent universe, brought me so many things.

How to be the tough one, how to leave the weakness side of me.

How to reach every chapter in my dreams,

how to fix the gloomy feelings i've never requested.

I am standing here, alive.

I am more than happy.

Not because i have this and that.

Because i control the sadness to fuse the happiness.

I didn't buy those things, i just finally found it.

I found it through a journey of my life.

I know the time still running, so many things will changing,

still..., i am ready for everything.

My heart made of pieces of shooting star,

and my hands keep walking on the milky way.

The pass is always something i will never forget,

i've tried to regret, but they just won't have me back.

A little thank you to the pass, for not killing me right away.

I've learned, and i think i don't want you back either.

The future.

I am on my way.

Soul sisters, few great friends, the magic hands on colorful brain,

A Gentleman Geek and loads of tunes from around the world,

the crazy wardrobe, the tropical view with a green plants,

and a geek as the love angel.

They're all the family.

They're all the love i need.

They're the reason for me to get there...

to the future of happiness.


Don't let the world tricks you.




talking to a cockatoo.



( top - Killer Eyes ONLYi / kilt - gift / sandal - gift )

After shower as usual i stand up in front of my wardrobe.
I found this purple Kilt a gift from my Scottish brother in law.
I never had any opportunity to wear this, so i decided to wear it
right away. Imunk asked, "It looks good on you, you suppose to wear
that when you're out with your friends". He sounds like 'why are you
wearing it just now, we're just about to go to my sister's house, no
where else'. I asked him back, "Where else i would go if not with you,
i go out with you more than i meet my friends, they're all busy".
And he said to me back, "Ohh ok", i replied, "Every place deserve to
see me look nice, even if there's a marvelous occasion i have to attend
that doesn't mean i have to wear Prada dress, I wouldn't wear my dress
i bought from the flea market. Because everything i have are beautiful..,",
and Imunk stopped me by saying, "Ya ya..., and you will wear LV bag just
to carry your vegetables if u feel like to.."
Ya ya, it's all about what you feel, you like it, just wear it, you
don't like it today, maybe tomorrow or next year.
I love this kilt, fitted me well, will wear it again sometime :)

kid day.



( top - Bowie / legging - ONLYi / shawl - cottonink / sweater - Imunk's / wedges - Melissa )

The cinema is too closeeee, i've watched every single movie there already.
So decided to watch Karate Kid again with Imunk's nephew, Gabriel.
All i can remember after i feed him inside the cinema, i had a great an hour sleep.
Gabriel enjoy the movie, and we took him home :)
Parking area is always a great place to take a pic, but it's on level 4, the floor
that i never pass in my daily activity. And if i get home night, i couldn't use it
because it's too dark there. Well...

what a nite.




( outer - ONLYi / dress - Mphosis / shoes - Converse )

@ 365, Kemang

Pics above got no story at all, well we suppose to have a great night ever
together with Mita and couple friends from my old office G1.
But it turns to a quiet boring nite when someone u expect most to come
suddenly got some kind of 'must thing' to do :p

But still..., we had a good nite, and meet up a new friend too :)
Hope my busy brother was doing well with his things...

girls day.



@ B'girl Studio

I juat wanna say Thanks to Dina from B'girl and all the crew for having me
and couple of my friends hang out at the studio...
Also big THANKS for always having ONLYi around your magazine since few
months ago. Thanks for making me feel young and younger hahahahaha... :)
Have a great day girls.

Melissa & Budi.


Melissa & Budi
Photographer: Timur Angin
MUA: Donny Liem
Stylist: DiamondHurts
Location: Pastis, Kedai, Brew House

I did this fun job about 2 weeks ago. I need to work on 6 look for both
Melissa & Budi. Using what they already have and combine with many kind
of accessories to reach the look we wanted. Victorian, Gangster, Cabaret,
Vintage, Harajuku, etc. We've done that in a day. Will share it to you
the pictures after editing soon. Btw, this gorgeous Melissa is this
Little Princess elder sister :), visit her blog, she's so magically
creative :)

heart is so blue.




( dress - flea market / bag - ciciero / kelom - geulis )

@Regal, Pacific Place

Regal is always be my fav cafe since i was in high school.
Nothing really special about this place, but i prefer a quiet place
to hang out with my friends. First Regal Cafe i know is at Pondok
Indah Mall, i remember one of my friend ordered a glass of pure milk
everytime we visited Regal, my friend is a boy, it's just too cute, hmm...

Since i dated Imunk, i visit malls more less, but there was a time my friend
Oliver took me to Regal Pacific Place after we had a meeting together
and it was the first time i visited Regal PP, Oliver order an Irish Coffee
for and i like it, i'm not really into coffee, i ordered ice chocolate, always
whenever and whatever the cafe is.

Since then, i decided to order different type of drink, so may be
i'll have another fav drink on my list :). Last week i met my old friend
Mita at Regal and i ordered Kahlua blend something..., it was so gooooddd...
Because we spent so much time there, i order another drink but it didn't
satisfy me :(. Well, the thing is i'm so happy meet up Mita...


everything is gonna be alright.



( top - Rolling Stone / skirt - ONLYi / bag - ciciero / hat - D&G / kelom- Geulis )

Early year always be a tough year for me.
My heart seems so grey..., gloomy, dusty...
It's almost mid year, and everything is gonna be alright.
Hoping the world turns magenta.